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HLS GALLERY is hosting Contemporary Painting exhibition

HLS GALLERY is hosting Contemporary Painting exhibition

HLS GALLERY will be hosting group exhibition of paintings CONTEMPORARY PAINTING by Alefiyah Raja Amelia Martha Matera Duysal Tuncer Fatih Sazak Feryal Taneri Halime Yurdagul Sonja Knoch from15th to 25th March 2017

The gallery aspires to build bridges across worldwide contemporary art circles and to create an inter-generational network. HLS Gallery aims to open up global communication channels for the artists cooperating with the gallery and to provide them with effective visibility. North London”s the newest  art gallery displays a selection of abstract paintings  which reveals artists different point of views within  the exciting and eclectic nature of contemporary art.

Alefiyah Raja interprets her art as fallow:  Having always been fascinated by art and being drawn to colour, textures, different shapes and movement, I've emerged as a self taught Resin Artiste.I'm drawn to the world of abstract art where there are no rights and wrongs. I like to let my expressions flow like the medium I paint with. I've realised that painting with resin can be very addictive and therapeutic. Fluid art, though being a difficult medium to control is very forgiving as it teaches us to let go.Having said that, I must add that I've always been very interested in painting and now with the kids all grown up plus the time and inclination on my hands, I have rediscovered my passion for painting.

Amelia Martha Matera tells about her art: “I found the way to express myself through painting. Colours, canvas, brushes and my hands are my instruments. I try to immortalize my feelings and my moods on canvas, this is why you can find different technics and different subjects in my paintings, starting from masklike faces ending up with simply abstract lines. The colour I use are fully inspierated from the wild nature of South Italy where I grow up.”
Duysal Tuncer is participating to the show with illustrations for Kafka book.
Fatih Sazak is on the show with  figurative work named “Spade”.
Feryal Taneri  works oil painting, watercolour, mask and sculptures. Being involved in art for more then 40 years she has opened more than 35 personal exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Participated in several competition and group exhibition.
Halime Yurdagul, greatest influences of her work come from the renowned explorer and scientist Piri Reis, as well as the great explorer Christopher Columbus. In history, there are scenes tells about the civilisations which have left their mark. She wants to cherish and keep these civilisations alive in memory of the people. She recently was awarded the Talent of the Future Award for her two paintings that were exhibited at the Qube  Open Art Show.  Additionally, her early works have had numerous success at events organised by the Turkish Radio and Television Agency (TRT).  The award winning works were exhibitioned across the country in various galleries. Her works were additionally listed at the Turkish Sports Agency competition called Olympics and were exhibited at the event 'Olimpiyat House’.  
Sonja Knoch concerns with sepciaaly patterns and paint fascinating abstract artworks. Focusing on colour and symmetry working in acrylic, ink & watercolour.  Her influences are the works of, Joe Roberts Jr & the psychedelic art movement of the late 60's and literary work of Antonin Artaud in," Voyage to the land of Tarahumara ".