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Joan Ryan MP calls on government to invest in education in Enfield

Joan Ryan MP calls on government to invest in education in Enfield

Joan Ryan MP calls on government to invest in education in Enfield, as new research reveals financial challenges facing local schools

Joan Ryan MP has warned that schools in Enfield will continue to face significant financial challenges, after analysis of the government’s education funding figures by London Councils has shown that schools in the Borough will need to make a further £13.5 million in savings – 5% or more of the total budget for each Enfield constituency - by 2018/19.

Joan is calling on the Secretary of State for Education to make urgent representations to the Chancellor to deliver extra resources for schools in Enfield in his Budget statement to Parliament on 8th March.

Ministers are planning to introduce a new National Funding Formula (NFF) for schools, which would result in 70% of London schools receiving less money from 2018/19. These reductions come on top of the funding shortfall identified by the National Audit Office (NAO) report on the financial sustainability of schools, published in December 2016. The NAO has said schools will have to make cuts that amount to some £3 billion by 2020 as a result of per pupil funding not increasing with the rate of inflation. In addition, schools are facing extra costs including salary increases and higher employment contributions to national insurance and the teachers’ pension scheme.

According to London Councils, “current Department for Education funding levels are not sufficient to cover costs in the majority of schools […and] even a school that will have an uplift as a result of the NFF is likely to have an overall budgetary deficit in this financial climate.”

Joan Ryan MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Enfield North, said:

“I know from having spoken to headteachers, staff, governors and parents in my constituency that schools are facing substantial funding pressures. They are doing a great job in very difficult circumstances, but cutting their budgets to the bone is unsustainable.

Schools are already reporting increased class sizes, teacher and school staff vacancies being left unfilled and having to set budget deficits. Without additional resources this already desperate funding situation in schools will only get worse and education standards could be threatened.

I’m calling on the government to invest in education and protect funding for children and young people in Enfield.”