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Trump opponents protested him on President’s Day

Trump opponents protested him on President’s Day

Demonstrators in major cities across the country used a federal holiday on Monday that is meant to honor America’s former presidents to protest its current office holder.

The “Not My President’s Day” rallies were the the latest in a series of mass demonstrations against Donald Trump and drew thousands in New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Chicago.


Demonstrators did not have a single policy they objected to, but instead sought to put on display a mass rejection of the Trump era.


As Trump’s motorcade proceeded through Palm Beach, Florida, on its way back to Washington, demonstrators held signs along his route with that bore the number 45 with a red slash running through it -- a reference to Trump who is the U.S.’s 45th president.


Trump handily won the Electoral College votes needed to assume office but he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots — a fact many objected to in demonstrations Monday.


"In the name of humanity, fascist America -- No!” protesters in New York reportedly chanted amid the now familiar calls of “the people united will never be defeated”.


In the nation’s capital, hundreds gathered in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, some likening Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


One protester held a sign that read: “My President? Nyet!” using the Russian word for “no”.


Another massive demonstration is expected April 15 – the deadline for Americans to file tax returns.


Many continue to take issue with Trump’s reluctance to make his record public — a move at odds with decades of standard practice for presidential candidates and one critics say would shed light on if the U.S. president has financial ties to Russia.


Trump has denied any links to Putin or Russia.